About NPL Developments

With a focus on regeneration, and an enviable position of exclusive access to the Group’s 5,000 acre landbank, NPL Developments has successfully over the past 14 years, added significant uplift value to land through the successful management of the planning system.

Not wedded to any individual sector, NPL Developments has and continues to deliver high profile residential, commercial, industrial and retail development projects throughout the UK. Its core values are based on delivering sustainable, commercial and aspirational projects in a timely manner, adopting an inclusive and non-confrontational approach to all stakeholders which ultimately result in the optimum use of land.

NPL Developments adopts a partnering approach to land redevelopment, a partnership which is created on a number of levels to deliver value adding regeneration projects including unique partnerships with Local Authorities including Planning Delivery Agreements, collaboration with end users in the form of joint applications to ensure fit for purpose planned developments and importantly partnerships with local communities to deliver community stakeholder aspirations to ensure regeneration is not limited to land but also social infrastructure.